Won’t drop presidential bid even if convicted : Trump

ormer US president Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would continue ca maligning for the White House even if convicted of a crime . In his first national media interview since pleading not guilty last week to 34 felony charges related to a hush – money scandal , Trump complimented the strongmen leaders of several other countries ; attacked ” sick , radical ” Democrats ; and indicated that not even a prison sentence would keep him from running for president . ” I’d never drop out , it’s not my thing , ” Trump said when asked on Fox News about a potential conviction .

The hourlong interview was also his first with the Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson since private text messages revealed as part of a $ 1.6 billion defamation against the cable channel by Dominion.

Won't drop presidential bid ,

Voting Systems , showed Carl son’s repugnance for Trump . ” For a man caricatured as an extremist , ” Carlson said about Trump at the show , ” we think you’ll find what he has to say 35 moderate , sensible and wise .

During the interview , Trump said Democratic leaders 33 were a bigger threat to the nation than fore in dictators . He refer red to President Vladimir Putin of Russia as ” very smart , ‘ said Saudi Arabia’s leaders were ” great people ” and called President Xi Jinping of China a ” brilliant man . ” He said ” the biggest problem ” for the US wasn’t foreign actors but ” the se sick , radical people from within ” the country .

” Trump said he was able to handle Russia and China from bed an interaction with Putin the White House , and describe in which he told him that he couldn’t invade Ukraine .

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