5 December 2022

At least 14 Hindu women in the US state of California have been attacked by a man who also ripped their jewelry in a spate of hate crimes, authorities said. According to the district attorney’s office, Lathan Johnson ( 37 ) reportedly targeted older Hindu women and tore necklaces off their necks before making off in a getaway vehicle in June. He also hurt the women in the process, particularly those between 50 and 73. He has been apprehended.

women in saree, snatching chains
women in saree, snatching chains

If convicted, he faces a maximum jail term of 63 years. All of the stolen necklaces are estimated to be worth $ 35,000. The DA office stated that almost all the victims were wearing a saree, bindi, or other types of ethnic attire. ” We are facing an uptick in hate crimes and Hinduphobia. Seeing that we’re making progress in prosecution, sends a strong message, ” said Samir Kalra, a member of the Hindu American Foundation.

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