Woman with fused kidneys donates one to husband

New Delhi : A 49 – year – old woman with a birth defect of fused kidneys donated one to her husband , who was suffering from renal failure at a private hospital here , doctors said . Doctors at the Max Su per Speciality Hospital , Saket conducted the kidney trans plant , which according to them is the first such recorded case in a living donor . A horse shoe – shaped kidney , also called renal fusion , is usually a birth defect in which two kidneys are fused or joined together , forming a horseshoe like shape .

The woman’s 53 – year – old husband was diagnosed with an end – stage kidney disease with transplant as the last re sort and she offered to be a do nor . After preliminary exam inaction to ascertain her eligibility as a donor , it was discovered that she had a horseshoe – shaped kidney , said Dr Anant Kumar , professor and head , Department of Urology and Renal Trans plant and Robotics at hospital .

Woman with fused kidneys,

” An otherwise healthy per son , even with the condition of her kidney , she qualified to be a donor . After due diligence of the relevant parameters and careful guidance , this complex procedure was done successfully , ” Kumar said . A team led by Kumar performed a robot – assisted nephrectomy ( surgical removal of a part or entire kidney ) to harvest half of her horseshoe – shaped kidney .

We had a dual challenge of not only conducting a successful kidney transplant , but also of meticulously harvest in the kidney , given the donor’s complication . This is the first recorded instance of a horseshoe – shaped kidney do nor , ” Kumar said . He said there have been cases where . horseshoe – shaped kidneys have been transplanted from brain – dead donors .

Explaining why the procedure was complex , Kumar said the arteries in both kidneys were interlinked.

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