Woman , teen son consume acid after tiff , both dead

Agra : A 35 – year – old woman and her 14 – year – old son died after allegedly consuming acid following a tiff , in Daruma village of Farrukh Abad’s Kamal Ganj area on Monday late night . According to police , Perm , a class eight student , was scolded by his mother , Malta Devi , following which he got annoyed and consumed acid kept in the house . Upon seeing the deteriorating condition of her son , the mother too drank acid .

Vanish Kumar , Devi’s husband , said , ” I was at the temple when the incident took place , and my daughter Palak , who was at the house , called me . I rushed home and , with villagers ‘ help , took them to the district hospital where they died during treatment .

Woman , teen son consume,
Woman , teen son consume

Upon receiving informal tin , police rushed to the hospital and sent the bodies for autopsy . ” Further investing tin is on and action will be taken accordingly , ” Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh , additional SP , Farrukh Abad said .

Several officials including CO Amirpour Ravindra Nath Rai and SHO Amaral Singh reached the village and in specked the spot . They also questioned the family members and neighbours regard in the incident . ” Vanish Ku mar works as a farm labourer . He lost his wife and son in this tragic incident . Perm used to study at Inter College in Nandi purr village and was good at studies . lings , ” said Rams Ung , victim’s kin .

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