Wind Energy


Nowadays, one percent of the world’s use of electricity depends on wind energy. Historical sources show that the exploitation of wind power began approximately in the 4th century BC when the ancient Egyptians used the wind energy to sail their boats. Later on, in the 7th century AD the Persians are mentioned to have been milling grain and pumping water by the means of mechanical energy produced by the power of the wind.

Although, in the 19th century, Europeans are thought to be among the firsts to have used reliable and efficient windmills, is widely known that the American farm windmill had been already playing an important role in the life of the American Frontier settler. 

Actually, wind industry gained field in the 1970s oil crisis, when specialist considered necessary to develop an alternative source of energy, other than oil. Consequently, several European and American governments showed interest in wind energy, hence financial support was given to wind energy technology development. Thus, electricity generated by wind energy became as efficient as any other power generation technologies.

In Europe, Denmark is the oldest and a leading country in wind power industry, which has been producing wind energy since 1979 and which, by nowadays produces one-fifth of the country’s electricity by means of wind turbines. The US concern to reduce global warming gases determined the renewal and support of wind energy industry, thus giving subsidies to the development and construction of the largest arrays of wind plants consisting of 6000 turbines, in California and Texas thus the latter becoming  the largest wind energy producing state.

Wind energy is the cleanest, renewable source of energy, which besides being cost-effective, is amongst the most reliable energies in the world. Although, its constant use is restricted due to several factors, such as weather, seasons or local geography, its linkage to traditional electric network does not affect the consumer.

Despite the numerous complaints formulated regarding wind farms, as modifying factors of the visual quality of the landscape, as noise makers, as well as influencing negatively wild life creatures, wind energy industry has considerably increased between 2000 and 2007 and determined its expansion on the market as a demand for cost-effective sources of electricity, environmental protection, reducing global warming gases as well as political factors. Therefore, now, numerous countries, from all over the world, such as Germany, the US, Spain, India and China are initiating insistent wind energy programs and encourages their development.






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