5 December 2022

Bengaluru : Congress veteran Mallikarjun Kharge said on Sunday that he has no qualms in admitting that he will seek the advice of the Gandhi family for strengthening the party, wherever and whenever required.

Addressing media persons a day ahead of the AICC presidential elections, Kharge said his intention of standing in the fray was encouraged only because none from the Gandhi family was going to contest.

He, however, dismissed the speculation that if he wins, he will be the remote control of the Gandhis.

” People talk about a lot of things, as there are no other issues to speak about. The BJP tries to float these theories and others latch on to them But let me make it clear that I will seek the advice of the Gandhis whenever and wherever it is required as the family has sacrificed a lot for this country. They know every nook and corner of this organization and I have a lot to learn from them, ” said the 80 – year – an old leader who has spent 55 years in the Congress party.

Will seek Gandhi family advice
Will seek Gandhi family advice

” A lot of people felt that since I was part of the cabinet ( Union minister in 2009 ) I may stick on to them ( Gandhis ). But once I assured the senior leaders who proposed my name that my priority is the Congress or organization, they were convinced, ” he said.

On Shashi Tharoor’s accusations of a ” skewed ” playing field and having lit the access to delegates, Kharge said his opponent was free to have his opinion.

” I delegate my work to my election managers who carry out the work of contacting the delegates and voters. However, I will not comment any further on the issue or against my opponent. It is an internal friendly fight, ” he said.

The Rajya Sabha opposition leader will be casting his ballot on Monday at Bengaluru, along with the other Karnataka PCC delegates. Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi will be casting his ballot at the Ballari campsite where he will be staying the night for the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

The Padayatra, which entered Andhra Pradesh on Sunday, will see a one-day break for the AICC poll on Monday.

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