Will it be Ding’s comeback or Nepos’s brain fade?

I an Nepomniachtchi has the experience of playing in a World Chess Champion- ship match. But not in the last three games. For, he had lost to Magnus Carlsen in 2021 with three games in hand.

Still, Russian Nepos is expected to beat China’s Ding Loren as he is leading 6-5. The first of the last three games in their 14-game title match will be played in Astana, Kazakh- Stan, on Wednesday.

Ding’s supporters are not losing hope. But sadly, they may have to depend a bit on Nepos’s brain fade.

Nepos has already lost six of 22 games in his two-match World Championship career: four to Carlsen and two to Ding. Vladimir Krasnik, who is speculated to be helping Nepos in his preparation, had lost only seven of 51 games in his four title matches.

Will it be Ding's comeback,
Will it be Ding’s comeback

Carlsen was trailing Ser- gay Karjan by a point with three games in hand in 2016. But he levelled the scores and retained the crown via rapid tiebreaks. Krasnik did the same to Vaseline To palov in 2006.

The probability of Ding winning the title without needing tiebreaks that is winning the two of next three games is almost nil. But – having white pieces in two of the remaining three games is the only silver lining for Ding.

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