Why Recycling Logos Are Important


There are a variety of reasons why recycling logos are important and this article aims to explain some of those reasons. Below you will find some of the key reasons of why these logos are important to the recycling industry and our environment.

The key importance of a recycling logo is to provide a clear label on products that are recyclable in order to avoid large amounts of material that cannot be recycled been collected and transported to a processing centre. Not only does this waste time and money, it also contributes to our carbon footprint as the material has to then be transported again to landfill or even incinerated in some cases. The recycling system works much better if the majority of the materials been transported to the processing centre can actually be recycled.

Recycling logos also provide a visual aid to remind people to recycle. The presence of a recycle logo is an important marketing tool that helps to promote recycling across the globe. It can be found on many different products and in some countries may be a legal requirement on packaging or products that should be recycled after use.

Another important reason why recycle logos are important is identification. Some logos depending on the country you live in will contain various codes or text that better describe how the product can be recycled. This is important as some collection points can only accept recyclable material of a certain type. The disadvantage of this importance is that the consumer has to be aware of the codes in question. Identification codes are often found on plastic materials.

There are various other logos that all tie in to the idea of recycling. There exists a specific logo that helps identify products that have been made from recyclable material. This logo may also include a percentage symbol to show you how environmentally friendly the item actually is. This symbol is important to those who aim to buy new products that have been manufactured from recycled materials.

Overall, the presence of a recycling logo on packaging or products not only helps to advertise the idea of recycling but can also help consumers identify how they can recycle the product in question. They can also help to show consumers how much pre-recycled material new products they wish to purchase may contain. The presence of these logos is key to the better utilisation of the earth’s resources and to help improve our environment through reduced waste and incineration.


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