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My company received news this week surrounding the speculation of Gaspari Nutrition’s new testosterone booster, Viridex XT. Gaspari have a long and respected history in the sports supplement industry, so it is somewhat understandable that fans of the company (and testosterone boosters in general) are excited about what compounds the new formula will be included.

Viridex Xt is actually the follow up product to Gaspari’s recently discontinued Novedex XT, which has been the company’s top selling product since its release almost 8 years ago. Rumours surrounding the discontinued status of Novedex XT are speculative at best, and range from news that compounds have been banned for resale to Gaspari wishing to update their brand to remain competitive in a developed market. Regardless of Gaspari Nutrition’s reasons and motivations for launching a new product, the news I have received today indicate that this is a product which we can be excited about.

The Viridex XT sell sheet which has recently been emailed to me confirms a few presumptions about which compounds should make an appearance in the product, though I must state that at this point all information is speculation until Gaspari release more information themselves. The sell sheet starts with a bold claim, ‘Increases testosterone levels by 166%’.

Recent information from Forum discussions indicate that one of the main compounds in Viridex Xt will be DAA, or D-Aspartic Acid. DAA is an amino acid which is known to trigger signals to your brain to release testosterone. Studies upon D-Aspartic Acid show an increase in free testosterone levels of up to 78%, falling well short of Gaspari’s claims that the new test booster will increase free testosterone levels by 166%. Due to this it is fairly safe to assume that additional ingredients will be included. Currently, these extra compounds are not known, though the information on the Sell Sheet indicates that Tribulus Terrestris will definitely not be one of them, as the article spends a short amount of time denouncing claims that Tribulus has any affect on humans at all (A Q&A section on the sell sheet asks, ‘How does Viridex Xt compare to Tribulus Based testosterone booster?’, to which we see the response, ‘There really isn’t a comparison because Tribulus based testosterone boosters have never actually been proven to significantly increase testosterone on human subjects. Viridex XT has been shown in clinical studies to increase free testosterone quite well.’

We have also had some confirmation surrounding the sponsored athletes which Gaspari will be using throughout the launch of Viridex, including Flex Lewis, a body-builder noted for his work with Team Gaspari.

There will undoubtedly be a barrage of information in the coming weeks as the promotion machine increases its momentum, and we will update this page as more relevant information becomes available.






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