29 November 2022

Dehradun : Former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat has accused the BJP government of “deliberately not disclosing ” the identity of a VIP who had visited a resort in Rishikesh two days before its 19 – year old receptionist girl was murdered allegedly for not rendering ” special services ” to the guest.

” Who was that VIP in the Ankita Bhandari murder case in which the girl paid the price with her life for not agreeing to provide special service to him? Not only her parents, but the people of Ut Uttarakhand as well as the country also want to know about that VIP guest. They also want to know what the government has done so far ( in this case ), ” Rawat wrote on his social media accounts on Friday.

VIP's name: Harish Rawat
VIP’s name: Harish Rawat

Citing his sources, the Congress leader said, ” A man had come to Vanantara resort on September 16. That man was accompanied by a police escort as well as his own private bouncers. This information was shared by relevant people with the SIT. But till now, that VIP’s identity is not known. Hope somebody will find that VIP about whom even Ankita had also mentioned in the chat with her close friend. “

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