US must stop ‘ encouraging ‘ war in Ukraine : Brazil Prezi

Beijing : Brazil’s president said Saturday that the United States should stop ” encourage gang war ” in Ukraine , as he wrapped a state visit to China in which he has strengthened economic ties with his country’s main trading partner . Lu is Ignacio Lula da Silva used his trip to push the message that ” Brazil is back ” as a key player on the global stage and to warn that its deepen Ning relations with China we re non – negotiable .

US must stop ' encouraging '

During the trip to China , the left – wing leader lashed out at the power of the US dollar and the IMF , and met representatives from Chine se tech giant Huawei , which has been effectively shut out of the US market . ” The Uni ted States needs to stop encode urging war and startle king about peace . The Euro peen Union needs to start tall king about peace , ” Lula told reporters in Beijing .

In that way , the international community will be able to ” convince ” Russian President Vladimir Putin and Up Iranian leader Volodymyr Belinsky that ” peace is in the interest of the whole world ” , he said , before leaving for the United Arab Emirates .

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