US long recognised ‘ Arunachal Pradesh as integral part of India

New Delhi : The US reacted to China’s renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh with the White House saying that it has for long recognised the state as an integral part of India .

India had earlier rejected what was the third such renaming exercise by Beijing to validate its claim over the state , saying assigning invented names will not change the reality that Arunachal has been and will always be an grail part of India .

” The United States has recognised that territory ( Arunachal Pradesh ) for a long time as an integral part of India . And we strongly op pose any unilateral attempts to advance territorial claims by renaming localities , ” said White House Press Secretary Karina Jean Pierre at a media briefing .

After India’s outright rejection of the Chinese names for 11 places in the state , China had Arunachal .

Zang nan ( Arunachal Pradesh ) is part of China’s territory . In accordance with the relevant stipulations of the administration of geo graphical names of the State Council , competent authorities of the Chinese government have standardised the names of some parts of Zang nan . This is within China’s sovereign rights , ” said a Chinese spokesperson on Tues day after India’s response that Arunachal is , has been , and will always be an integral and in alienable part of India .





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