US ‘ guided – missile sub in Middle East

Dubai : The US Navy has deployed a guided – missile sub marine capable of carrying up to 154 Tomahawk missiles to the Middle East , a spokes man said on Saturday , in what appeared to be a show of force toward Iran following recent tensions .

The Navy rarely acknew ledges the location or deployment of submarines . Cmdr. . Timothy Hawkins , a spokes man for the 5th Fleet based in the Gulf nation of Bahram in , declined to comment on the submarine’s mission or what had prompted the deployment .

He said the nuclear – powered submarine , based out of Kings Bay , Georgia , passed through the Suez Canal on Friday .

US ‘ guided – missile sub

” It is capable of carrying up to 154 Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and is deployed to US 5th Fleet to help ensure regional marital me security and stability , ” Hawkins said .

The 5th Fleet patrols the crucial Strait of Hormuz , the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf through which 20 % of all oil transits . Its region includes the Bab el – Mandeb Strait off Yemen and the Red Sea stretching up to the Suez Canal , the Egyptian water way linking the Mideast to the Mediterranean Sea . The US , the UK and Israel have accused Iran of targeting oil tankers and commercial ships in recent years , allegations denied by Tehran .

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