US – China mutual suspicion trouble for rest of the world : Spore PM

Singapore :US – China mutual suspicion not improve anytime soon and it will mean ” big trouble ” for the rest of the world , Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Wednesday .

Lee , who made an official visit to Beijing earlier this month , said that the Chinese public perception of the US has deteriorated . China’s leaders are convinced that the US is seeking to ” contain , encircle and suppress ” China , Lee said , quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping .

US – China mutual suspicion

Even if the two powers avoid a direct conflict … enduring enmity and bad relations between them will be very costly for both and will mean big trouble for the rest of the world , ” Lee said in Parliament , outlining three major geopolitical tensions that make the cur rent global situation graver than what Singapore has faced in a long time .

Singaporeans need to realise the gravity of the situation tin , he said .

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