5 December 2022

Lucknow : The Yogi Adityanath government in UP has started preparing for the Maha Kumbh, scheduled to be held in Prayagraj in 2025.

To chalk out the outline of the Maha Kumbh 2025, a high-level meeting will be held in Prayagraj on Thursday.

The Chief Minister is going to preside over the meeting along with senior officials of his office, the chief secretary, and heads of at least eight to 10 other departments who will play a crucial role in making the religious event successful.

UP govt begins preparing
UP govt begins preparing

According to the official spokesman, Yogi will go through the preliminary presentation during the meeting and give his input. A basic blueprint of the event has been prepared. ” The scale and size of the event will be extremely grand. We are going to bring all the options on the table to make the event historic, ” said a spokesman.

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