Understanding RSS


There are several different benefits found with RSS with the users, the content providers, and online marketers. Everyone benefits with this technology!

Users or readers do not have to check everyone of their favorite websites to find out if any new posts have been published. All they have to do is subscribe to the blogs, websites, and news sites. Once they have subscribed they can easily see all the favorites all in one place.

Once the subscriptions are all in one place, the reader can choose which headlines they want to learn more about and then just click the link to visit the website to read the rest of the article.

With an RSS feed, the only information displayed is the headline and a short summary. There is no fluff at all, so the reader can get to the point of the story. You will not find any type of spam and you never have to worry about providing your email address to learn the latest news.

The best part of all for readers is that you get to read only the news on topics you are interested in instead of skimming a new site looking for topics of interest. You will have all access to all the headlines and can decide which stories you wish to read and which ones you will skip for now.

Content providers can enjoy the benefits of RSS as they can add a feed to their website not only to provide their readers with up to date information but they can add other websites to the feed that offers the same topics. This will provide their readers with even more current information on their favorite topics. RSS feeds are also great for providing information on the newest products, sales, and events. This way your readers will be able to find the greatest deals on their favorite products as well right on your website.

Online marketers can add their products to the feed and website that offer information on similar products will grab the feed and add it to their website. This gives the marketer more outlets for selling their products as well as provides links to their website.

As you can see, RSS offers something for everyone from the ordinary surfer, the webmaster, and the marketer. This small bit of code added to a website will increase traffic that is interested in your topic.






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