Trolling judges has become the name of the game : CJI Dhananjay Mahapatra

New Delhi : Delhi : After being trolled on social media for his comments that ” there is no ab solute concept of a man or ab solute concept of a woman ” and ” biological definition is not what your genitals are ” , CJI DY Chandrachud on Thursday said this had ” be come the name of the game ” where trolls were answering the courtroom observations and questions of judges .

Drawing an analogy of a child adopted by a same – sex couple and one born to a heterosexual couple , the CJI said , ” What happens when a child sees domestic violence in a heterosexual relationship ? Will that child grow up in a normal atmosphere ?

Trolling judges has become ,
Trolling judges has become

” If an alcoholic father comes home every night , thrashes the mother , and asks for money for alcohol , would it not impact the children ? So , there is so much to say on hate sexual marriages . That’s
why I say there is no absolute , even at the risk of getting trolled . Now , it has become the name of the game for the judges to confront . Answers to what we say in court are in the trolls , not in the court . ” This comment came from the CJI when a bench led by him , and comprising Justices S K Kaul , SR Bhat , Hiam Kohli and PS Narasimha was deliberating on the Lata community members ‘ demand for adoption rights which was opposed by the NCPCR .

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