Trash collection erratic , roads turn dumping yards

Rudrapur : Residents of Rudrapur have alleged erratic garbage collection by the civic body . In several wards , like ward number 1 , garbage vehicles aren’t re aching houses , forcing people to dump garbage ran dimly , claimed residents .

Door – to – door trash collection is also allegedly irregular : Household trash can be found strewn across the roads connecting Rampur and Preet Vehar . In Alliance Colony and Khushi Enclave , residents have had to hire private garbage vans . Shankar Nisha , a resident of ward number 1 , said , ” The garbage vehicle rarely visits our area , so we have no choice but to dump the trash in nearby areas , which inevitably causes unhygienic conditions . The Rudrapur Municipal Corporation ( RMC ) must take immediate steps to re solve this issue . ‘

Trash collection erratic , ,
Trash collection erratic ,

The Nair Shakti Senna , a local social organisation comprising 89 women , collects a user charge from various sources in lieu of trash collection ( R 50 monthly per family , R 350 from small eateries , R 1000 from restaurants , etc. ) . A member of the organisation said anonymously that due to lack of regular garbage collection in some wards , people are unwilling to pay the amount . ” We urge the RMC to ensure garbage vehicles reach all wards on time to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the city , ” she said .

As a solution to the recurring issue , the RMC now plans to install GPS on garbage vehicles and track them . RMC commissioner Vishal Mishra said ” The installation of GPS in garbage vehicles is expected to improve garbage collection and disposal services in Rudrapur . It will ensure that all the wards receive regular and timely garbage pickup . “

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