Tranquilise all tigers swiftly’: Pauri villagers block nat’l highway

Dehradun: After around two weeks of night curfew and schools being closed due to threat of tiger attacks, some residents of 25 villages of Pauli Garhwali conducted a chukka jam (blocked traffic) for a few hours on a national highway. They demanded immediate tranquilisation of the tigers prowling in that area, which had killed two per- sons already.

A fortnight ago, a farmer and a retired school teacher were mauled to death in tiger attacks. Villagers also spotted leopards prowling nearby. While forest teams are constantly combing the area and have also caught a cub, villagers say they are “fed up with house arrest” and demanded swift action from the district administration.

The forest department had given permission to tranquilize one tiger and capture two others. According to frontline forest forces, after the agitation, permission has been sought from the higher authorities to tranquilise the other tigers too.

Tranquilise all tigers swiftly',
Tranquilise all tigers swiftly’

“We want the man-eater tiger to be tranquilized. We are living in terror and expect an attack every now and then. This is not a normal way to live,” said Rajkumar Singh, a villager from Simi, one of the affected villages. Laxmi Devi from Uma gram Sabha said, “The night curfew has been extended ‘until further orders’ and the closure of schools is being continuously extended. We have told villagers that fodder would be provided at the doorstep for their livestock, but this is not a permanent solution. For how long will they we keep our animals, elderly persons and children con- fined? Why isn’t the administration sending teams to tranquilise the tigers?” The villagers dispersed only after the district administration assured that the tigers would be tranquilised.

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