The Vierra Cast Feature of This 50 Inch VIERA Plasma HDTV


The Vierra Cast is a feature of the Panasonic Plasma HDTV that allows great entertainment at the push of the button on your own television. Greater and more exciting entertainment at home.

Viera Cast is one of the best features of the Panasonic Plasma HDTV that allows you to enjoy the variety of movies, photo slides, home video conferencing and many more. This feature allows you to watch your photos directly from your online Picasa albums. It allows you to view all the different online contents such as Netflix, YouTube and videos on demand just to name a few. Vierra cast now supports the videos from Amazon’s Videos on demand service.

Using the Vierra cast feature of the Panasonic 50 inch HDTV allows you to interconnect DVD and Blu rays.

The Vierra cast feature of the Panasonic Plasma 50 inch HDTV will allow you View and watch your pictures from your camcorders and digital cameras in your big screen TV using just the remote control of the TV. Watch them as clear as when viewing them on a lesser resolution screen. The thumb nail display will allow you to navigate around your photos in your big screen TV. Just connect the devices together using the cables that comes with Panasonic 50 inch HDTV. Play still and moving images with high quality pictures and images.

Recently added is the Skype network that will give the viewers the opportunity to talk live with family and friends around the world through through the Vierra screen.

This VIERA HDTV includes two USB ports that will be use to connect the keyboard or a Wi-FI LAN adapter as well as an Ethernet port for wired LAN connection. No computer or any other external devices required. The peripheral devices are easy to connect and operate.

Vierra cast users can now access the Up to minute news with the days top news on sports, current breaking news, latest weather forecasts and more.

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