29 November 2022

Dehradun : Uttarakhand police have registered 90 e FIRS of the total 213 com . plaints received from across the state under its new initiative to make policing more people-friendly. Under the new initiative that started in July, the police Haden. abled people to report cases of vehicle theft and missing documents/articles without visiting the police station.

Out of a total of 213 complaints, 56 were of missing documents/articles which were filed by the police for required action. The remaining 67 were rejected as they didn’t fall under the conditions of the e – FIR or were related to some other crime not admissible under the initiative.

According to the data provided by the state police headquarters, out of the 90 e – FIRS in vehicle theft cases, a maximum of 56 were registered in the Haridwar district, followed by 27 in US Nagar and 3 in the Dehradun districts. Uttarkashi, Tehri Garhwal, Nainital, and Pauri Garhwal districts registered 1 e – FIR each. Regarding the public response to the initiative, Senthil Avoodai K Raj, deputy inspector general ( personnel and modernization) said.

” The initiative was to make the process of lodging complaints in vehicle theft and documents loss, easy for the public as these don’t fall under heinous crimes. Initially, the response was not that significant as about a month ago only 24 e – FIRS were registered under the digital initiative. But people across the state are gradually becoming aware of it and availing of the service. “

the new digital initiative
the new digital initiative

The DIG also informed that the police, while ensuring the ” optimum utilization of available technology, is also going to soon introduce real-time location sharing of the ground cops on duty into the 112 – emergency helpline service. ”

” At present, when a person calls the 112 helpline number, the control room checks the nearest cops to address the emergency. They are then informed about the situation, and thereafter, they reach the spot. However, after the new move is introduced, the caller will get an SMS on his number about the cops near the incident spot. This will save time and increase the response time of the cops, ‘ said Senthil.

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