The Life of Mahesh Bhupathi


Mahesh Bhupthi might not be the picture of a perfect man, but he sure is the poster child of an all-rounder. He is an ace tennis player, a successful entrepreneur, decent husband and a doting father to date. The news of his many plaudits and titles are surpassed in importance only by his controversial personal life. This is a guy who has exhibited certain flair in his dealings; game- on and off the field; and exquisite taste from clothing to his choice in women. The girls that he has dated have all been beautiful models or actresses.

Let us delve into Mahesh Bhupathi life and bring to surface tidbits from his personal and professional life.

• The Indian tennis legend was born on 7 June 1974 in Madras, India

• He is famously considered as the best doubles players in the world.

• He has amassed a record of twelve Grand Slam titles in his career.

• His complete name is Mahesh Srinivas Bhupathi.

• He is popularly referred by his friends and colleagues in the nickname ‘Hesh’.

• His career started in the early nineties.

• In one year itself, he has won three doubles titles which include the French Open and the Wimbeldon with Leander Paes.

• The Bhupathis- Paes combo became a huge success. They were the first team to reach the finals of all for Grand Slam in 1999. This was the first time a feat like that was accomplished in the Open Era.

• By April of 2000, they became the best doubles team with a number one ranking in the world.

• In 2007, Bhupathi teamed with Pavel Vízner to take home the 2007 Canada Masters title.; He followed this up with another win in New Haven by partnering with Nenad Zimonjić.

• He is also quite adept at mixed doubles and has won the 2009 Australian Open with Sania Mirza as a partner.

• The Bhupathi Mirza pair was successful the first time so they decided to repeat their performance at the French Open mixed doubles on 7 June 2012.

• The same year, another title was added to Mahesh Bhupathi profile when he won the Paris Masters cup by pairing with Rohan Bopanna.

• He was formerly married to model Shvetha Jaishankar; they parted ways after being married for seven years.

• He is presently married former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress- Lara Dutta, with whom he has a daughter named Saira.

• They are co-owners of a film production company called Big Daddy Productions.






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