29 November 2022

New Delhi: ” The last eight years have been the longest time we have stayed apart but I was sure that he would be acquitted one day, ” former Delhi University professor GN Saibaba’s wife A S Vasantha Kumari said on Fri day Saibaba was acquitted in a Maoist – links case by the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court on Friday. The court also ordered his immediate release from jail. A division bench of justices Rohit Deo and Anil Pansare also allowed an appeal filed by Saibaba, challenging a 2017 trial court order that convicted him in the case and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

the judiciary: Saibaba's wife
the judiciary: Saibaba’s wife

Saibaba, who is wheelchair-bound, is currently lodged in the Nagpur central prison. ” Sai and I are childhood friends. But in the last eight years, we were separated. This is the longest we have stayed apart, ” said Vasantha Kumari. Saibaba, who was serving as an assistant professor of English at Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College, was also terminated from service by the college in March last year. He was suspended by the college after his arrest by the Maharashtra Police in 2014. Saibaba’s wife and daughter were receiving half the amount of his salary since his arrest but then, his service was terminated last year.

Asked how they coped with his absence, Vasantha Kumari said, ” There was a lot of struggle and patience in the last eight years. It was difficult for Sai also since his health deteriorated and he lost his job. “

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