8 December 2022

Dubai : The gunman who killed 15 people at a major Shi’ite holy site in southern Iran earlier this week has died, Irani, media said on Saturday The report came as Tehran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard issued a new warning to Iranians joining the pro tests that have roiled the country since last month.

Iranian authorities have not disclosed details about the assailant, who died in a hospital in the southern city of Shiraz from injuries sustained during his arrest, according to Iran’s semiofficial Fars and Tasnim news agencies.

The gunman who attacked the Iran
The gunman who attacked the Iran

Wednesday’s attack on Shah Cheragh in Shiraz, Iran’s second-holiest Shi’ite shrine, was claimed by the militant Islamic State group. Iran’s government has sought to blame the attack on the largely peaceful protests engulfing the country without offering evidence.

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