The Facebook Search Engine Optimization SEO Work – Useful Tips


Social Medias are a good tool to increase your visibility inside the Search Engine land. Most of their deep secrets remain hidden for most of their front end final users, what if we go to the back end now and switch on from front to backend user to get the best of this amazing social network tool which is Facebook?

Search Engine Results (SERPs) pages prominence can be increased if we use for example a Facebook application with sitemaps, this can be downloaded through the Facebook applications vault. Adding a XML map will allow you to tell Search Engines how and when your pages structures are being updated so far.

Another way to increase your SERPs is by embedding a Facebook fan page code created to be added to your website. This code which its main mission is to broaden your brand among your target but also it has inside its programming core a rich anchor text line and a nofollow attribute, this is very valuable for search engine crawling matters,

Remember your status updates can be also used for SEO purposes, Facebook is about to make public your updates so that will mean a huge advantage, if that is the case remember to use quite SEO friendly tags for your marketing work. Newsfeed is becoming little by little a very amazing way to generate traffic and it is always great if you have created your own application, doing so people will spread your message in a viral way. We recommend you to personalize your News feed as much as you can, this differentiate with Google in a way that these algorithms are based on user behavior therefore if you want to influence your target you can use for example a very emotive news feed prone to be spread all around the virtual world. Remember also users has the power to allow Facebook to share more news feed either yours or somebody else.

Controlling and monitoring it is always recommended when dealing with all these systems and by doing so you can control or monitor all your social network environments, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon or Digg) all this clicking a single button.

Most CEOs still think investing time on optimizing or including social media in your marketing plan is a waste of time but $3.1 Billion will be spent in social media by 2014 based on this forecast this will be the biggest marketing channel even bigger than emails, mobiles or conventional advertising however this online advertising field represent so far, the previous mentioned research was made by Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecast and it is one of its recent research and report. It is expected an annual 34% growth rate. Why is this? Well, Social Media is like a virus inside your body, it spreads really fast in a very fast pace your contents which hits and make a big impact on search engines.





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