The End of America? A Book Review of Joel Rosenberg’s Book “Implosion”


This book is a compelling work of non fiction by Joel Rosenberg whose other works are primarily fiction based on current world events centered in the Middle East conflict between the Western nations and the nations of Islam. His other works include: Epicenter; The Twelfth Imam; The Tehran Initiative and The Copper Scroll.

Though raised in an orthodox Jewish family, Mr. Rosenberg is a Christian whose faith propels him to write about current events in the context of Biblical revelation. His unique understanding of the role of Jews and the Christian church in society brings a practical and intriguing perspective to our times.

In this work, he notes the growing alarm among many members of the United States Congress over the seemingly inevitable implosion of the U.S. economy if there is not a radical and immediate change in our present course.

However, this is not an entirely doom and gloom tome. While Rosenberg points out in frightening detail how our society is crumbling; Marriage and family structures are imploding; The educational system is collapsing; Our nation’s Debt is exploding; Cultural pollution is rising and the Christian church is drifting, he nevertheless makes the case that an irreversible and complete implosion is not inevitable.

America has twice before undergone a radical transformation from an unjust society to a society more capable of compassion and justice. Rosenberg points out that these pivotal events each occurred before the Revolutionary War and again before the Civil War. What this reader also notes is that the results of these painful wars were two enshrined documents of liberty: The Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation.

He traces the roots of these transformations of society to the transformation of individuals through the two Great Awakenings of Spiritual Revival and consequent social reformations. These events created a moral climate in which many injustices could be made right.

As in all of Rosenberg’s works there is a clear message of Christ’s gospel with a call to action for the believer and unbeliever alike. Although many will be put off by this, he argues that it is the acceptance of the gospel of Christ that lies at the root of each of these moral transformations of society.

Rosenberg makes the case that apart from a return to God in the way that God Himself prescribes, America’s doom is certain. He points out that there is no guarantee that a return to God will prevent an economic implosion but without such a change of heart, there is no adequate moral compass available to steer us through this perfect storm of events that is now upon us.

This is a book worthy of discussion groups. It presents a message of hope to take to heart before the uncertainty of world events plays out.

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