The Bible Confirms We Are Facing the End of the World


Currently the world is facing an uncertain future with climate change and global warming taking its toll. Add to that the threat of nuclear war as North Korea continues to threaten its neighbours and others by improving its ballistic missile capabilities. Nations are also jumpy about China’s build up of the Scilly Islands and the military base it has placed there. But these are only some of the immediate dangers to the population.

Disease and the overuse of antibiotics are producing stronger germs that are resistant to them. Nations that allow the production of less effective drugs are a major part of the problem. India is one such place and companies there are sending inferior drugs and medical components to hospitals and the like where they are adding to the problem.

Most countries are feeling the effects of climate change in various ways. Summers are hotter, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere while in Australia has just recorded the hottest ever winter temperature with Sydney reaching 26 degrees Celsius and the Wester suburbs even hotter. People went swimming in the ocean and winter still has a month to go.

This is putting things out of balance and drought followed by super fires is not only impacting on the production of food but on the populations of some areas to survive. Places in Africa are burying their dead as the toll from famine rises.

There is no way the situations can be reversed and with the population exploding globally prices are rising, jobs are failing, and houses are in short supply. The future is bleak and it was all foretold in biblical prophecies. We are in the last days, according to them, and one of the pointers is the Internet.

Micah 4:1 states that “in the last days the Mountain of God will appear in the tope of the mountains and all people will flow unto it.” It is obvious that this is the means by which God can speak to the world and everyone has access to it to take heed of the message.

Isaiah 26:19 promises: “The dead men shall live… and the earth shall cast out the dead.”

My reincarnation proves that everyone has returned who ever lived (Job 5:19-21), and that explains the huge population growth. There is no heaven or hell and religions are largely to blame for the state of the world because of the lies and deception put out there.

This is the noise published on the Internet that has come to the ends of the earth (Jeremiah 25:31). It is the start of the end and “the slain of God shall be… from one end of the earth unto the other” (ibid:33). The stage is set to bring it about.

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