4 December 2022

Dehradun: Important suggestion. one of the three-day brainstorming camps at Mussoorie will be brought before the state cabinet so that a decision can be taken for their implementation in favor of the people of Uttarakhand, chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said on Thursday.

Speaking at the concluding session of the three-day camp, Dhami said: ” Fruitful sessions and findings of the event will help in bringing positive results for the Himalayan state. “

In a stern message to officials, Dhami said the problems of people need to be solved at the block and tehsil level and ” such should not unnecessarily reach the CM, ministers, and government. People should not run from pillar to post to get their work done. We need to deliver justice at the doorsteps rather than making them run from one place to another “.

Dhami said he was in favor of fixing accountability on officers to solve the complaints at the initial stage itself. ” Officers doing good work need to be encouraged, ” the CM said, adding that another similar event should be organized in the next six months. He also advised the officers to solve the issues in a simple manner and not complicate things. ” Complaints should be solved in such a way that even a common man, hailing from far-flung areas, understands it, ” said the CM. In the same breath, he lauded the ” positive ” presentation performance of state officials for made in the event. ” They will set the roadmap for the development of Uttarakhand. By 2025, we aim to become one of the best states in the country and for it, detailed and well-planned projects are required. ” We have to move forward with the mantra of simplification, solution, and disposal. The development of villages is necessary for the overall development of the state. By holding chappals, the public representatives and officials would listen to the grievances of the common man, so that they can be resolved in quick time, ‘ ” said the CM.

taken up with cabinet
taken up with cabinet

Dhami also raised the issue of damage to the crops and horticulture sector by monkeys. ” As a result, people are taking less interest in Agri and horticulture sector. The menace is also accounting for migration from villages. We need to give special attention to the issue. The forest department along with the agriculture and horticulture department need to hold a workshop and find a solution to the problem, ” he added .

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