Taiwan says it convinced China to rein in no – fly zone plan

Taipei / Beijing : Taiwan said on Wednesday it had success fully urged China to drastically cut its plan to close airspace north of the island , averting wider travel disruption in a period of high tension in the region due to China’s military exercises . China has not commented on the no – fly zone but South Korea , which was also briefed on the plans , said it was due to an object falling from a satellite launch vehicle .

China initially notified Tai pea it would impose a no – fly zo ne between April 16-18 , but Tai awn’s transport ministry said that was later reduced to a period of just 27 minutes on Sun day morning after it objected .

The no – fly zone follows days of intense military drills it has staged around Taiwan in response to President TsaiIng wen’s meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California last week . Beijing said the drills in which it practised blockading the self – ruled is land it claims as its own – were ” a serious warning against the collusion and provocation of Taiwan independence separatist forces and external forces ” .

It was against this backdrop that word of the closure stoked concern of travel disruption across the region .

A Taiwan official said that due to the potential disruption it had used ” multiple channels ” including diplomacy , intel gene and aviation authorities to dissuade China from carry ing out its original plan . The official said Taiwan had Infor med all parties that would be impacted by the Chinese request , including some G7 countries whose foreign ministers are set to travel to Japan for a me ting from April 16-18 .

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