Suspecting illicit affair , man butchers wife TIGH

Lucknow : Gonad police on Sunday arrested a 40 – year – old man , who killed his wife and cut her body into pieces . He had a spat with his wife on Sun day , suspecting her of having an illicit affair and strangled her . Villagers nabbed him and handed him over to the police . Police said the incident had taken place in Kashipur village area . The case was registered by the woman’s father .

SO , Wazirganj , Chandra Pratap Singh , said the accused man was married in 2007 and the couple had two children , aged 10 and 5. Singh added that the accused got a job in the city six months ago and used to commute 70 km daily , for which he used to leave home early and come back late .

Suspecting illicit affair ,

Locals claimed that over the period the woman made friends with a villager and used to spend time with him . When her husband came to know , he got furious and warned her against meeting the village man .

” On Saturday night , the man and his wife were quarrelling noisily and before any one could intervene , the man killed his wife . After chopping her body , he was trying to flee , when we caught him and handed him over to police ” said a local Ram Prasad , who informed the police .

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