‘ Suicide bomber inspired by ISIS , cleric ‘

New Delhi : Tamesha Mu been , the suicide bomber be hind the October 2022 car blast at a temple in Coimbra tore , was inspired by ISIS ideology and the sermons of Zahran Hashmi , the radical Islamic cleric behind the 2019 Easter blasts in Sri Lan ka , and wanted to orchestrate a similar attack against ” non – believers ” in India . His ” targets ” included local temples , government offices , dis trictcourt and public places .

This was stated by the National Investigation Agency ( NIA ) in a chargesheet filed on Thursday in the Coimbatore blast case against six associates of Mu been . In October last year , an IED – fitted vehicle driven by Mubeen had blown up in front of an ancient temple , Arulmigu Kottak Sanga Rameswaram Thirukovil in Coimbatore , killing him .

' Suicide bomber inspired
‘ Suicide bomber inspired

While the charges against Mubeen are abated upon his death , the six accused Mohammed Asa Ruthin , Mohammed Thala ha , Firoz , Mohammed Riyaz , Nava’s and Afar Khan – — have been charged under various sections of UAPA , Talha IPC and Explosive Substances Act . While sourced the car that served as the blast vehicle , Firoz , Riyaz and Nava’s loaded the ex plosives , gas cylinders , etc.

Asarutheen and Afar , both cousins of Mubeen , procured an handled the chemical constituents used to make the IED . Investigate tins had revealed Mubeen had taken oath of allegiance to ISIS’s self – proclaimed Caliph , Abu – al – Hasan al – Hashab – Qurashi.The hand written notes recovered from Mubeen’s residence slam the existing democrat ecosystems in India for not being ” in tandem with Islamic laws ” and mention government office buildings , district court , parks and rail way stations , besides local temples in Coimbatore , as in tended ” targets ” .

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