Sugarcane dep’t raises ‘credit limit of farmers’

Pili hit: The sugarcane department in UP has increased the credit limit of farmers from R 75,000 to R 1 lakh for purchase of agricultural inputs via cooperative cane development societies and the cooperative sugar mill social- ties, an official said on Sunday. The department has started a ‘gamma knives app’ in this regard to facilitate farmers place orders for the in- puts online.

Sugarcane dep't raises 'credit,
Sugarcane dep’t raises ‘credit

Additional chief secretary of sugarcane and sugar industry in UP, Sanjay R Bhoosreddy, said the step is aimed at eliminating the corrupt practices in purchase and sup- ply of agricultural inputs like different kinds of fertilisers, pesticides and weedicides. “The scheme will benefit 46 lakh sugarcane suppliers in the state who are linked with as many as 158 cooperative cane development and 13 cooperative sugar mill so- cities which distribute around 2 lakh metric tonnes of agricultural inputs to farmers every year,” he said. This will effectively curb any kind of scam in stocks and their distribution.

He further said, “The credit limit would be extended for a maximum period of three years.”

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