Sudan’s ousted autocrat out of jail amid chaos; US says 2nd American dead

Khartoum: Sudan’s army and a paramilitary force battled on the outskirts of the capital on Wednesday, undermining a truce in an 11- day conflict that civilian groups fear could revive the in- fluence of ousted autocrat Omar al-Bashir and his loyal- lists. Fuelling those concerns, the army confirmed the transfer of 79-year-old Bashir from Khartoum’s Kobe prison to a military hospital, along with at least five of his former officials, before hostilities started on April 15.

Air strikes and artillery have killed at least 459 people, wounded over 4,000, destroyed hospitals and limited food distribution in the vast nation where a third of the 46 million people were already reliant on humanitarian aid.

Foreigners fleeing Khartoum have described bodies littering streets, buildings on fire, residential areas turned into battlefields and youths roaming with large knives.

Sudan’s army and a paramilitary

A second American has died in Sudan, the White Ho- use said on Wednesday, ad- ding that it was helping a small number of US citizens seeking to leave the country.

Over the weekend, thou- sands of inmates were freed outright from prison, including a former minister in Bashir’s government who, like him, is wanted on war crimes charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

At least one other of the group transferred to hospital is wanted by the ICC. Bashir’s three-decade reign came to an end with a popular uprising four years ago. He has been in prison, with spells in hospital, on Sudanese charges related to the 1989 coup that brought him to power.

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