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When it comes to some serious news THE WEEK magazine is definitely the one you can rely on. Established in 1995 in United Kingdom, this British magazine opened up branches in USA and Australia in 2001 and 2008 respectively. The editors-in-chief of THE WEEK magazine in these three countries are:

  1. United Kingdom: Jeremy O’Gardy
  2. USA: William Folk
  3. Australia: David Salter

The content of the magazine focuses on hard news with weekly reporting of the socially and politically stimulating local issues, commentary on the global trends in politics and economics, business, fashion, science and arts. THE WEEK keeps one abreast with the latest issues through its compact 35 pages of editorial content. The several sections of the magazine can be listed as:

  1. UK news/USA news/ Australia news: Covering all domestic news from across the country
  2. World news: Thorough coverage of international affairs
  3. City and Business: Scouring the business pages to highlight the most important stories in the field
  4. The Arts: Compact presentation of important gallery openings, plays, film and books and reviews
  5. Travel and Leisure: For offering best consumer recommendations in the area

One can subscribe to THE WEEK online bagging six free issues with no compulsion t continue subscriptions. If one decides to continue the subscription rate is at £22.49 every 13 issues. The other online subscription offers are:

  • 26 issues for £62.00. Payment accepted on credit card
  • 51 issues for £107.00. Payment accepted by credit card

This apart THE WEEK offers gift subscriptions for your friends and relatives wherein the rates of the subscriptions are same as the above mentioned ones. There are several other facilities provided with THE WEEK subscriptions:

  1. Savings: Per copy of THE WEEK costs £2.50 from the newsagent while on subscription it costs £1.54 every week
  2. Money back guarantee: If the subscription has to be discontinued the balance amount will be refunded on writing to the concerned body
  3. Door step delivery On subscribing to the magazine the copy will be delivered at your door step every week
  4. Continuing subscriptions: If one is traveling or shifting to a different location the subscription can follow once intimated
  5. Take you pick: You can choose form the varied range of offers in subscription and choose the one that suits you best.

If you want to stay updated with all the happenings around the world, a weekly subscription of The Week is all you need as your weekly dose of news entertainment.






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