Shah Rukh Khan and Friends – Temptation Reloaded 2008 in Rotterdam – An Evening to Remember


An evening to remember – Shah Rukh Khan and friends live on stage with his Temptation Reloaded Show in Rotterdam/NL – 21st June 2008

It was a late afternoon and the vast place in front of the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam/NL was almost empty, but this wouldn’t last for long, because a legend was going to take place though no advertisement or poster announced Temptation Reloaded 2008 yet. It had taken 4 years to remake a new Temptation show starring Shah Rukh Khan and friends, but it was worth holding out.

The place filled up slowly while time went by and everybody was waiting till it was 6.30 pm and the entrances to the huge hall would be opened. People were queueing in 6 long rows patiently standing there and chatting about the star cast of the evening. They were speculating about the item numbers that would be performed by Arjun Rampal, Anusha Dandekar, Ganesh Hedge, Katrina Kaif, the beautiful Kareena Kapoor and the King himself, Shah Rukh Khan. And they waited for the doors to open … and waited … and waited … and waited.

Finally, at 8.15 pm the entrance was opened and slowly the people were let in after a check of their bags for cameras. The ticket holders of VVIP tickets had to get their tickets checked inside the hall again. It seemed that the preparations for the show weren’t finished, because when entering one could see the dancers wearing jumpers were still on stage rehearsing.

At about 21.00 o’clock the show was started by the cute Anusha Dandekar performing to Aaj Ki Raat. She is a very good dancer and also a good host who announced the stars and interviewed them after their performances. Arjun and Kareena rocked the house with their performances and also Katrina and Javed did a very good job in entertaining people.

The hall erupted from excitement and screaming as The King had his entry with Dard-e-Disco. It was the performance first shown at a recent awards show he presented looking absolutely stunning in his black torn shirt. After that he came back reciting a poem, but it was almost impossible to hear him through all this screaming and shouting.

Ganesh Hedge, the choreographer of the show and also a singer and actor had the hardest part of the show: performing after SRK. He did a song with Anusha and it was just great to watch him and his boyish charm. He was the best dancer this evening and performed with such an ease that it was a delight to watch. Anusha told the audience that he had finished his first movie as an actor and that it will release this year.

Following up was the most awaited part: The King in interaction with some fans. First he called a young man and a lady on stage to teach them how to romance to Main Agar Kahoon (you might have seen it in the show he did for the cricketeers) and then he called a man to dance to Main Hoon Don (again from the cricketeers show) and we all had fun watching it like SRK who had a great time playing with the audience and giving autographs and presents away. He later called Arjun back on stage and the two of them got on a mobile podium to be driven through the hall and throwing balls and teddy-bears into the audience. Again the hall erupted in screams and shouts when these handsome guys made their way to come near to those who were far away from the stage.

One could say that now the show belonged to SRK since after that he performed Mast Kalander with Anusha and then Pretty Woman with Katrina followed by Mitwa with Kareena. Anusha wanted to persuade the audience that it was time for the Grand Finale which everybody of course tried to overhear, but unfortunately, there was no chance. All the stars came on stage to perform Deewangi Deewangi and this wonderful evening had to end.

Many people went to the back entrance of the hall to catch a glimpse of the leaving stars and as one might imagine it was frenzy when SRK left the building. People screamed and pushed and the security guys were busy to hold them at bay. Mr. Khan seemed to enjoy it and like in Paris at the unveiling of his wax figure at Grevin Museum he climbed up the car to blow flying kisses to his fans and giving them the opportunity to see him properly. Then he left in the car which had to move very slowly, because so many people were blocking the way out. Also the other stars left one by one to be driven away separately, but none of them waved to the fans like Shah Rukh Khan has done.

The Show in Rotterdam has truly been an evening to remember and all the fans around the world wish and cross their fingers that this wasn’t the only one and will hopefully repeated in many more cities across the world.

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