8 December 2022

Rudrapur: US Nagar – based scientist Anil Kumar Saxena has been listed among the ” top 2 % of scientists in the world ” by Stanford University. Saxena was enlisted for the third consecutive year on the list and ranked 344 for the subfield of organic chemistry, prepared by prof. John PA Ioannidis ‘ group published by Elsevier. Saxena is also ranked 356 in the subfield of medicinal & biomolecular chemistry, which puts him in the group of 0.43 % of world scientists. Saxena is presently presiding over as chairman, of the Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in Kashipur.

scientist gets global recognition
scientist gets global recognition

He has served as an Emeritus scientist ( ICMR ) and chief scientist at Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, for over 50 years.

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