5 December 2022

New Delhi: A petitioner, claiming to be a law graduate and a tax consultant, was slapped with a fine of Rs 5,000 by the Supreme Court for filing a PIL seeking its direction to declare Part 3 of the Constitution relating to fundamental rights as ultra vires.

A bench of Justices K M Joseph and Hrishikesh Roy expressed surprise after going through the prayer made in the petition and asked the petitioner, who himself appeared for arguing the case, about his qualification and the bench was virtually shocked when the petitioner said that he was a law graduate.

SC Slaps A Rs 5,000 Fine
SC Slaps A Rs 5,000 Fine

Sensing the mood of the bench, the petitioner immediately said he would apologize for any mistake committed by him and agreed to withdraw the petition. Ironically, the petitioner filed the petition under Article 32 of the Constitution which itself comes under Part 3 of the Constitution whose validity was challenged by the petitioner.

Part 3 is considered the heart and soul of the Constitution as it provides various rights to the citizens and Article 32 provides remedies for the enforcement of those rights.

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