Savita Bhabhi: The Hottest Bhabhi in Town!


Savita Bhabhi is an expression of the irony of being an Indian. An Indian caught between modernity, free speech and individual expression as against cohesive living, collective decision-making and basic decency in family life.

There is no denying the fact that lust is a legitimate emotion. The youth (and the old sheepishly) will vouch for it. But the other truth is that any sexually graphic description is an extremely difficult situation in family life.

Caught between this is a government, as it gets rubbished by the liberal class for advocating archaic Victorian values and by the right-wing for not finishing off this so-called “demon of impurity” completely.

This middle class angst gave birth to a porn comic series called SAVITA BHABHI that was an immediate hit with all, boys, young men, middle aged men and the old (secretly even women). Only the government was extremely uncomfortable with such open display of lust and promptly had it banned.

The result: what was available as underwent a cosmetic change and reappeared in another avatar online.

Who is Savita Bhabhi?

Savita Bhabhi is an expression of desire by a wild, young Indian imagination. She is a dig at the hypocrisy-ridden middle class that will salivate behind a veil of sindoor, mangalsutra, yards of cloth syndrome.

Savita Bhabhi is in many ways an expression of repressed Indian womanhood. She is our regular Indian woman, whose fate gets decided by her family the moment she comes off age. She is bundled off with a kind-of decent but boring guy.

The only difference is that she is simply too voluptuous… and somewhere finds her husband’s company boring and dull.

Savita Bhabhi is the ultimate boy fantasy: a buxom beauty with ample cleavage, perfectly curvaceous figure, a slim waist and what’s amazing is the way all her assets keep showing even when she is fully clad. Her chiffon sarees would put Bollywood heroines in rain-dance sequence to shame.

Savita Bhabhi is a nice person but is fully aware of her charms (…assets actually). Teenage boys drool over her. She knows it and shows off!

Censorship on the comic series was demanded when a Bangalore student sent a sexually explicit text message to his teacher. That’s when government got cracking. The government was also concerned when one of the episodes showed Savita Bhabhi with an elderly person having an uncanny resemblance with super star Amitabh Bachchan…

But the lady resurfaced… this time in flesh and blood. But in whole new avatar. This was no helpless but sexy neighbourhood bhabhi. This Savita was sassy and playful. She is smart and witty. What’s best is she has a solution to the teething problems that plague the country and the world today.

This Savita bhabhi has a sexy solution to all problems on Jay Hind, the first comedy show on the Internet.

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