Same-sex marriages catastrophic: Citizens’ group writes to prez

New Delhi: A group of 121 prominent citizens consisting of 16 retired judges, and 105 retired bureaucrats including six ambassadors have written an open letter to President Croupade Mur- mu seeking her intervention for saving Indian cultural traditions, religious tenets and social values in view of the ongoing hearing in the Supreme Court about same-sex marriages.

“We are particularly concerned about the negative impact that legalising same- sex marriage would have on children, including their emotional and psychological development, as well as their nurturing in an environment that lacks balanced parenthood.

The recognition of same-sex marriage would change the entire gamut of all personal laws, from marriage to adoption and succession,” the group has maintained in the letter.

Same-sex marriages catastrophic:

Former Maharashtra DGP Praveen Dixit; former shipping secretary Gopal Krishan; retired Allahabad HC judge Kamlesh war Nath; retired Rajasthan HC judge RS Rathore, retired Bombay HC judge V G Bisht, former CAG Rajiv Maharishi, former home secretary L C Goyal and former UP DGP Prakash Singh are a few of the signa- Tories.

“We strongly feel that if we let this kind of same-sex union be legalised as marriage in the context of the Indian value system, the whole country will need to pay a price, the invisible and physical price will be too huge to estimate. We are extremely worried about the well-being of all citizens…,” the group has stated.

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