Salman Khan Competes With Top Jockeys!


On Sunday morning, as a part of the promotion of ‘Veer’, Salman Khan participated in a race with top six jockeys at the Mahalakshmi race course, and he indeed came out as a winner. Being inspired by Aamir Khan, who went out of his way to promote ‘3 Idiots’, Salman made sure that he too did his share of innovative promotions for his magnum opus ‘Veer’, releasing on this Friday. Salman khan has been extra concerned about ‘Veer’ from the word go, this may attribute to the fact that he himself wrote the script of ‘Veer’.

After the race, Salman told reporters “I was a bit nervous (before the race). If I’d have lost, people would have thought Salman lost the race and if I’d have won then they would have said that he had to win because he is a star”

But I’d like to clarify that it was not a set-up and was a genuine race. I gave my best along with the jockeys and so did they,” he added.

Zarine Khan plays the female lead opposite Salman Khan in the film; ‘Veer’ also has Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan and Jackie Shroff in the pivotal roles.

Veer has the script written by Salman Khan and he’s extremely confident about the film. He spoke highly of the film wherever he went and went out of his ways to promote the film; proudly wearing his excitement. According to Salman Khan, he has been toying this story idea for a long time (for over 20 years) and he’s finally happy to have executed in the way he wanted. Of course, there had many obstacles and struggles but the star happily took it in his stride.






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