S Korea paying shut – in kids to re – enter society

T The South Korean government wants shut – in kids to leave the house and outside . The country’s ministry of gender equality and family said the cabinet passed a measure Tuesday to provide potentially thousands of dollars a year in education , job counseling and health sup port to those between the ages of 9 and 24 living as recluses .

The programme , which expands a November announcement , is targeted at so – called ” hikikomori ” a term coined in Japan to describe severe social withdrawal , likely worse need by the pandemic . Qualifying South Korean youth get funds through several categories , including 650,000 won ( $ 490 ) per month for general living costs . Government is ” string theming its support to enable reclusive youth to recover their daily lives and reintegrate into society , ” the ministry said .

The policy’s main goal is to help disadvantaged youth , but it’s also a way for the country to address its shrinking working age population amid alarmingly low birthrates and tighten migration policies . South Korea is set to become one of the world’s most aged countries or territories by 2044 , outpaced only by Hong Kong for the lar gest share of people over the age of 65 , according to States tics Korea . That’s prompted emergency moves from the government , including childcare support to boost the globe’s lo west fertility rate . The country has spent more than $ 200 billion so far to increase its population . The measure was introduced weeks after President Yo on Suk Yeon declared the birth rate and the subsequent decline in productivity a ” crucial national agenda , ” urging officials to adopt an ” emergency mind set ” to the issue.

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