Russia returns 31 children from Ukraine

Kyiv : Thirty – one children have been brought back to Ukraine ne after being illegally taken to Russia from territories annexed by Moscow , a charity said Saturday . ” Today we are welcoming home 31 more children who have been illegally taken by Russians from occupied tar stories , ” Myola Kaleb , head of the Save Ukraine charity , wrote on social media .

The children had been ta ken from the northeastern region of Kharkov and the south Hern region of Kherson , said Save Ukraine , which fights what it says are illegal deputations of Ukrainian children to Russian – controlled territory .

Russia returns 31 children,

On Friday , the charity said the children and their relatives had crossed the border into Kyiv – controlled territory . Accor ding to footage released Friday , the children , who carried suit cases and bags , crossed the border on foot and later boarded a bus to continue their journey .

Kaleb praised the ” heroic mothers ” who had travelled to retrieve their children in what it called the ” most difficult ” of the charity’s rescue missions to date . More than 16,000 Ukrainian children have been deported to Russia since the invasion that began on February 24 , last year , according to Kyiv .

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