Road , highways see maximum no . of delayed projects : Report

New Delhi : The road trans port and highways sector has the maximum number of delayed projects at 407 , followed by railways at 114 and the pet Rolex industry at 86 , showed a government report .

In the road transport and highways sector , 407 out of 717 projects are delayed .

For railways , out of 173 projects , 114 are delayed , while in the petroleum sector , 86 out of 146 projects are running be hind schedule , as per the latest flash report on infrastructure true projects for February 2023 .

Road , highways see maximum

The Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division ( IPMD ) is mandated to monitor central sector infrastructure projects costing R 150 crore and above based on the information provided on the Online Computerised Moni tiring System ( OCMS ) by the project implementing agencies . The iPad comes under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation .

The report showed that the Muneer Abad – Mahaboobna gar rail project is the most delayed . It is delayed by 276 months . The second – most delayed project is the Udham purr – Srinagar – Baramulla rail project , which is delayed by 247 months .

The third – most delayed project , Belapur – Selwood – Ur ban Electrified Double Line , is running 228 months behind schedule . The Flash Report for February 2023 contains in formation on the status of the 1,418 Central Sector Infar’s structure Projects costing R 150 crore and above .

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