Employees’ union joins forces demanding the revival of the old pension scheme; a protest demonstration will be held on April 28, 2023

Employee union has united to demand the revival of the old pension scheme. Under this, the Punjab State Ministerial Services Union has decided to show anger across the state. The meeting of the union was held under the chairmanship of the state president of the organization Anirudh Modgil and Tejinder Singh Nangal. The protest was against the government ignoring the demands of the employees.

revival of the old pension scheme

The Aam Aadmi Party had promised to restore the old pension scheme

The Aam Aadmi Party had promised to revive the old pension scheme. During this, they said that before coming to power, the Aam Aadmi Party had promised to revive the old pension scheme. Seriousness has not been shown even a year later. Apart from this, only confusion is being created to make temporary employees permanent. In contrast, in Congress-led states, in addition to reviving the old pension scheme, the demands of employees are being taken seriously.

Employees are angry with the union’s negligence

Employee union is angry due to the negligence of the employees Similarly, Vaswir Singh said that there is a lot of anger in the union due to the negligence of the employees. As a result, on April 28, government employees will hold a rally outside the District Administrative Complex in Jalandhar. Similarly, on May 4, all government employees of the state will take collective leave and gather at Puda Ground in Jalandhar with black flags.

The demand for the old pension scheme has been going on for a long time. Employees are not happy with the current pension scheme, and the government has not shown any seriousness about the matter. This has led to employee protests across the country, and several employee unions have demanded the revival of the old pension scheme. The government must take note of the employees’ demands and take necessary action to resolve the matter. The employees’ contribution to the country’s growth cannot be ignored, and they must be given their due benefits.

People who were available at this event are as follows.

During this time, they also discussed other demands of the employees. On this occasion, members present included Narendra Singh Chima, Jagdish Thakur, Manjinder Singh Sidhu, Amandeep Singh, Gursevak Singh, Angrej Singh Randhawa, Sangat Ram, Ashok Kumar, Kripal Singh, Jorawar Singh, Rajat Mahajan, Mahesh Narang, Amandeep Parashar, and Vinod Sagar.”

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