29 November 2022

Rome : The Italian right – wing coalition’s victory in Sunday’s general election marks a re turn to parliament for former premier Silvio Berlusconi , nine years after he was kicked out over a tax fraud conviction .

Berlusconi , who turns 86 on Thursday , won over 50 % of the votes in a Senate race in the northern constituency of Monza , where the billionaire owns a villa and the local football club . ” I’m going to try to act as play maker in the ( next ) government , ” Berlusconi said ,indicating his desire to stay in politics despite his age and ilk health .

return to Italy's House
return to Italy’s House

He had heart surgery in 2016 , became badly ill with Covid in 2020 and has been in and out of hospital with various other ailments . He slurs his words and seems to have trouble walking . In parliament , he’ll be joined by his girlfriend , Marta Fascina , 32. Berlusconi was elected to the upper house .

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