Rescued tigress to be released in Dudhwa tiger reserve

Pilibhit : A joint team of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve ( PTR ) and the forest and wildlife division in Pilibhit rescued a two – year – old tigress on Sunday morning from a field in Keshopur village . The feline is expected to be released in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve ( DTR ) early on Monday .

The tigress was cordoned off from three sides with nets in a small field under the jurisdiction of Barkhera police station on Saturday . The team led by field director of PTR Lalit Verma consisted of veterinary officers Dr Daksh Gangwar from PTR and Dr Daya Shankar from DTR . They started an operation to tranquilise the animal at 8 am that lasted an hour .

Rescued tigress to be released
Rescued tigress to be released

The tigress was hit by a dart following which she was shifted to a cage and taken to the Garha forest guest house . The feline was found in good health without any physical injury or deformity during her medical checkup , informed Ver ma . He added that the initial plan was to give safe passage to the big cat to retreat naturally to the Deuria forest range of PTR . However , the chief wildlife warden ( CWLW ) of Uttar Pradesh , Sunil Chaudhary decided to tranquilise her to avert any man – animal conflict . “

There was a possibility that the tigress strayed in wheat fields comprehending it to be grasslands , to establish her territory So it was simply not possible for her to retreat to the over populated PTR’s forest regions . This left us with no option but to tranquilise the feline for shifting her elsewhere , ” said Chaudhary .

Meanwhile , the divisional forest officer of PTR Naveen Khandelwal , said the higher forest authorities decided to release the animal in DTR’s low tiger density zone with a view that she may safely establish her own territory without conflict with other tigers or her retreat to PTR .

The forest officials had deployed a heavy police force to control the locals that congregated on the spot . Earlier on Thursday , a rescue operation to capture the tigress was aborted after three failed attempts to tranquilise the animal in a sugarcane field in Shahpura village under the juris diction of Gajraula police station .

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