8 December 2022

” Washington : Sacheen Little feather , the Native American activist and actress who was booed in 1973 as she refused an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando , has died aged 75 , Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Sun day The Academy announced her death in a tweet that quoted Little feat her as saying : ” When I am gone , always be re minded that whenever you stand for your truth , you will bekee ping my voice and the voices of our nations and our people alive . “

 refused Oscar for Brando dies
refused Oscar for Brando dies

Two weeks ago , the Academy held a ceremony at its new Los Angeles museum honoring Little feather and publicly apologi sing for her treatment at the Oscars ceremony nearly 50 years ago .

Little feather was booed at the 1973 Academy Awards the first to be broadcast live around the world – while explaining on Brando’s behalf why he would not accept his Best Actor Oscar for ” The Godfather . ” Brando had asked Little feather to decline the award for him in an act of protest against the treatment of Native Americans by the film industry . Little feather , a member of the Screen Actors ‘ Guild , found it difficult to get work in Hollywood , with casting directors warned not to employ her .

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