Rajasthan best in action against graft , says Geilo

Jaipur : Refusing to talk about issues of corruption raised by his former deputy Sachin Pi lot , chief minister Ashok Gehl lot on Wednesday claimed that Rajasthan has the best record in the country in terms of act in against graft . Speaking at a press conference here , the CM said many IPS and IAS of facers were arrested by the an it – corruption bureau ( ACB ) in the state . In the same breath , he added that if the ACB acts on every complaint , it will crew ate a negative perception .

Side – stepping questions on Pilot’s protest , Geilo said his government’s focus is on easing inflation and nothing from it .

Rajasthan best in action

Reacting to a question that while he is focusing on easing inflation , the BJP is raising communal issues , Geilo said : ” My aim is Mission 2030 and easing inflation is the first step towards it . Who is doing what , I am not bothered about it . ” Under the mission , the Geilo government aims to by 2030 .

Talking about Congress spokesperson Gairam Ra mesh’s claim that the party would go to the polls based on the welfare schemes of the Geilo government , the CM said : ” What can be a greater compliment than that Pilot on Tuesday sat on a fast in Jaipur , piling pressure on his own party by accusing it of ” inaction ” in alleged cases of corruption when the BJP was in power .

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