Queen of Hills ‘ turns 200 , celebration in May

Missouri : Exactly 200 years ago , in 1823 , two British officers , Captain Frederick Young and FJ Shore , who was the then super in ten dent of Dehradun , erected a shooting box somewhere on Camel’s Back hill . This is considered the first construction in these hills and paved the way for many more , including establishment of a hill resort , the Mullingar house of Young , a convenes cent depot at Landor and the house of Sir George Everest at Park Estate . This year , the Queen of Hills completes 200 years

of its foundation and the moment in history will Bekele bated with pomp in May .

Chairman of Missouri Municipal Council , Anuj Gupta , that the bi – centenary celebrations would be held from May 17 to 19 and the programme would include playing of an IMA band at the Band Stand at Gandhi Chowk on May 17 , followed by a gala dinner on May 18.

The main event would be held on May 19 , where dignitaries from various parts of India and abroad will participate . Screening of a documentary on Missouri , honouring of old residents and historians would be some of the high lights of this event , ” Gupta said . Notably , Rachel Magog wan and Caroline Magog wan from the family of Captain Young from Ire land will attend this event .

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