Pullam : Congress accuses central govt of headline manipulation ‘

New Delhi : The Congress on Sunday accused the central government of indulging in ” headline manipulate ton ” and diverting attention from former Jammu and Kashmir governor Stay pal Malik’s allegations over the 2019 Pullam attack . Congress general secretary Gairam Ramesh alleged on Twitter that the ” Modi ma chine ” has quickly either suppressed the ” revelations ” or diverted attention from them by generating other headlines and debates , an apparent reference to the narrative around the killing of gangster – turned – politic anatid Ahmad and his brother Ashraf .

The BJP has cited Malik’s past remarks , including the one that mocked former Congress chief Rahul Glandhi as a ” political juvenile ” , and slammed him as the ” disgraced governor of Jammu and Kashmir ” .

Pullam : Congress accuses

. BJP’S I – T department head Amit Malviya had on Saturday tweeted an old re mark of Malik , who has be come a strong critic of the government in recent years , praising PM Narendra Modi as the ” best PM ” for Jammu and Kashmir , to hit out at his ” U – turn ” . Congress ‘ media department head Pawan Kera also slammed the government on Sunday , saying questions do not vanish by ” headline manipulation ” . He said , ” Questions only increase . Why clean chit to Jack China ? Why no JPC on Adani ? Where did 20K crores come from in Adani’s shell companies ? Why no answers a ?

” on Pullam ? ” Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Taroof put out a Twitter thread summa rising the ” revelations ” made by Malik which he said had been ” under – reported ” by the media . He said the ” revelations ” were on matters of national security which ought to be of concern to the nation .

” There is no national se security interest involved in suppressing the story , only the political interests of the ruling party . , ” he said .

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